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At Southlake Gold and Silver, we are passionate about helping people preserve the wealth they have created through their own efforts and wise investment choices. While our professional monetary consultants—or traders as they are called in the industry—are trained in the business of precious metals, they offer our clients much more than just trading their orders. Each team member is a trustworthy expert in the business of metals and is keenly aware of the current world economic conditions addressed within this website. Client education is a vital component of our consulting services regarding portfolio diversification using precious metals and precious metals retirement accounts.

Anne Trimble, President

Anne Trimble is the president of Southlake Gold and Silver, the company she founded with a vision to help Americans preserve their assets and accumulate real wealth. Trained in the business by some of the most prominent companies in America, Anne is considered a leading expert in using precious metals to safeguard assets and create wealth. She is an experienced precious metals consultant who is also a member of the American Numismatic Association. Anne has extensive experience in sales of both cash and rollover transactions. She saw the crash that was coming in 2008 and helped her clients get out of assets linked to the declining U.S. stock market. She has a Master’s degree in Communication from Texas Christian University and BFA degrees from Southern Methodist University in Speech and Journalism. Over the past twenty-five years Anne has owned successful businesses while rearing her four children.

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